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Digital Dilemmas : Transforming Gender Identities and Power Relations in Everyday Life

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Verfasserangabe: Diana Parry is a Professor in Applied Health Studies, at the University of Waterloo. Utilizing a feminist lens, Diana's research privileges women's standpoints and aims to create social change and enact social justice by challenging the medical model of scholarship. In particular, Diana's research explores the personal and political links between women's leisure and women's health, broadly defined. Most recently, Dr. Parry's research has focused on the intersections of women's health and technology. Corey Johnson's theorizing and qualitative inquiry focuses its attention on the power relations between dominant (white, male, heterosexual, etc.) and non-dominant populations in the cultural contexts of leisure. This examination provides important insight into both the privileging and discriminatory practices that occur in contemporary leisure settings. His scholarship has been published in journals like the Journal of Leisure Research, Leisure Sciences, The Journal of Homosexuality and the International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education just to name a few. Simone Fullagar is a sociologist who has been engaged in theoretical debates and empirical research on gender and feminism in the context of leisure, sport and health in Australia and the UK for over 15 years. She was appointed as the inaugural Chair of Physical Studies in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Bath in 2014. Simone has previously published an edited collection, a co-authored monograph and is currently completing another co-authored monograph on the Feminist Biopolitics of Depression and Recovery for Palgrave (due September 2017).
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