Beyond Journalistic Norms Role Performance and News in Comparative Perspective

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Authors and Corporations: Mellado, Claudia (Author)
Title Statement: Claudia Mellado is Professor of Journalism in the School of Journalism at the Pontificia Universidad...
Taylor & Francis Ltd. 2021
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Physical Description: 320; 48 Illustrationen, Oxford; 152 x 229
ISBN: 9780367561291
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Beyond Journalistic Norms contests and challenges pre-established assumptions about a dominant type of journalism prevailing in different political, economic, and geographical contexts to posit the fluid, and dynamic nature of journalistic roles. -- -- The book brings together scholars from Western and Eastern Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia, reporting findings based on data collected from democratic, transitional, and non-democratic contexts to produce thematic chapters that address how journalistic cultures vary around the globe, specifically in relation to challenges that journalists face in performing their journalistic roles. The study measures, compares, and analyzes the materialization of the interventionist, the watchdog, the loyal-facilitator, the service, the infotainment, and the civic roles in more than 30,000 print news stories from 18 countries. It also draws from hundreds of surveys with journalists to explain the link between ideals and practices, and the conditions that shape this divide. -- This book will be of great relevance to scholars and researchers working in the fields of journalism, journalism practices, philosophy of journalism, sociology of media, and comparative journalism research.

Part 1: Professional Roles and Journalistic Performance 1. Journalistic Role Performance and the News 2. Theorizing Journalistic Roles 3. Assessing Journalistic Role Performance Cross-Nationally Part 2: The Manifestation of Journalistic Role Performance in the News 4. Mapping Professional Roles in News Content Across 18 Countries 5. Journalistic Voice: The Performance of the Interventionist Role 6. Power Relations: The Performance of the Watchdog and Loyal-Facilitator Roles 7. Audience Approach: The Performance of the Civic, Infotainment, and Service Roles Part 3: Explaining Journalistic Role Performance 8. Measuring the Link Between Professional Role Conceptions, Perceived Role Enactment, and Journalistic Role Performance Across Countries 9. Journalistic Role Performance: A News-Story-Level Approach 10. Journalistic Role Performance: An Organizational-Level Approach 11. Journalistic Role Performance: A Societal-Level Approach 12. Beyond Journalistic Norms: Empirical Lessons on Role Performance in the News