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Meroz, M. (2021). Animation for Beginners: Getting Started with Animation Filmmaking. LIGHTNING SOURCE INC.

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Animation for Beginners : Getting Started with Animation Filmmaking / Morr Meroz is the founder of Bloop Animation, one of the most popular animation training websites. He has written, directed, and animated three short films, including his thesis film at the School of Visual Arts, where he received a bachelor's degree in computer arts. His screenplay for Snowlands has been produced as a graphic novel. He lives with his family in New York City . — : LIGHTNING SOURCE INC, 2021. — 212; 140 x 216 x 12. — ISBN 9781737879305

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Meroz, Morr. Animation for Beginners: Getting Started With Animation Filmmaking.LIGHTNING SOURCE INC, 2021.

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