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Oparte na Słowie Bożym. Analiza treści prezentowanych na kapłańskich blogach w Adwencie 2013 r. [Based on the Word of God. Analysis of the content presented on priests blogs in Advent 2013.]

In: Biuletyn Edukacji Medialnej [Media Education Bulletin], (2014), 1, S. 71 - 85
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Sprache: Polnisch
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Details: Article is devoted to Polish priests and religious bloggers. The author presents the results of a qualitative empirical research conducted among bloggers in Advent 2013. Analyzed was 247 notes from 27 blogs. By far the largest number of published posts at this time was devoted to considerations of all types to the Scriptures. In addition to reflections on the Word of God , there are also broader references to the main characters presented in the Liturgy of the Word of the day as well as those related to time of Advent retreat. A common theme was also an event of everyday life, very rarely occurred while controversial topics, such as the issue of gender, in vitro or abortion. The analysis of blogs has allowed the generalization that they are another forum for the exchange of thoughts and ideas, the first step to building a relationship with your readers and also a place to share faith and everyday life.
ISSN: 1733-0297
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