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Rekolekcje szkolne a program katechezy [The school religious retreats and the catechetical curriculum]

In: Biuletyn Edukacji Medialnej [Media Education Bulletin], (2013), 1, S. 48 - 61
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Details: The main research problem of the paper relates to the question how school religious retreats match the catechetical curriculum. Both ways of forming the faith share a lot of features, and this is why they remain in a close relationship. To comprehend the nature of that relationship, the author provides definitions of school religious retreat and catechetical curriculum. In the further part of the text, the author demonstrates that school retreats stay at service of catechesis. This is borne out by the analysis of the common and complementary domains of school retreats and catechetical curriculum presented in the paper, as regards their relationship with catechetical objectives, experience of the faith, function of initiation and evangelization objectives. According to the author, school retreats stay in close relationship with school catechetical curriculum. This relationship concerns the subject, the addressees, the objectives, the functions, the tasks and the educational content. The subject in school retreats and catechesis is the Church. She is responsible for developing the catechetical curriculum and programme, and submitting it to state education authorities. The addresses are those who participate in catechesis. Document analysis leads the author to the conclusion that the topics chosen for school retreats should harmonize with the curriculum on the particular levels of education – or, in fact, retreats should complement the curriculum. The analysis of retreat programmes reveals that - as regards their content - they mostly support and complement school catechesis. They constitute a significant curricular component of catechesis, which opens students to in-depth religious experience.
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