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Blaski i cienie „popteologii” Szymona Hołowni [Lights and shadows of „poptheology” of Szymon Hołownia]

In: Biuletyn Edukacji Medialnej [Media Education Bulletin], (2013), 1, S. 74 - 84
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Sprache: Polnisch
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Details: “Pop-theology” is a form of speaking about God, the Catholic Church and all the matters of faith in a language of general, mass audience, with a high level of standardization, the theology of “non-theologians”, created by Polish journalist Szymon Hołownia. The main objectives of this work is to put together people being at the border of faith and unfaith into a deeper relationship with God. This form of speaking about matters of faith has many advantages such as accessibility and communication skills. It is also expanded by the dimension of the witness building the faith. However, it is not completely free of errors confusing important and unimportant issues, minor factual mistakes or unilateral judgments on certain topics. “Pop-theology” is an interesting phenomenon, worth of attention, interest and publicity, though it cannot be taken without any criticism as the only source of knowledge of the Church.
ISSN: 1733-0297
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