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Infoascetics – the New Approach to Media, information and Communication

In: Biuletyn Edukacji Medialnej [Media Education Bulletin], (2015), 1, S. 153 - 156
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Details: There is no doubt that not only in modern society, but also in the life of everysingle person, information and the ability to use it (primarily its acquisition,processing, storage and forwarding) are key issues. These issues have becomeso important that this infrastructure and the network that exists thanks to it thatallows us to operate with information emerged as an integral part of man’s naturalenvironment in the XXI century. One of the serious threats that exists in the above‑described human‑environment system is the overwhelming of the firstelement by the other. My proposal for helping man to maintain an appropriaterelationship with the “info‑component”of his environment is infoascetics. Verygenerally speaking, it is to be a concept regarding the proper distance towards this“info‑reality”.
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