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Social networking as a tool for building the image and popularity of sportsmen. Case study: members of the polish men’s volleyball national team

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In: Biuletyn Edukacji Medialnej [Media Education Bulletin], (2015), 2, S. 53 - 71
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Details: This article intends to analyze the creation of the image of the Polish volleyballplayers (on selected examples) in the social media (especially Facebook). The authors will attempt to answer the question how the Polish volleyball players,who are the representatives of Poland, build their image and interact with fans byusing the social media.The analytical part of the article is preceded by the theoretical introduction,which, first of all, will present the phenomenon of the social media and second ofall, will show the potential range and influence of the social media by giving thespecific numbers of their coverage in Poland and in the world. The second partwill discuss theoretical issues of sport marketing. In the third part, the authorsanalyze the profiles of the selected Polish volleyball players in the social media.
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