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Wizerunek papieża Franciszka na Facebooku [The image of pope Francis on Facebook]

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In: Biuletyn Edukacji Medialnej [Media Education Bulletin], (2015), 2, S. 72 - 84
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Sprache: Polnisch
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Details: The aim of the study was to determine the image of pope Francis on Polishfanpages on Facebook. As the results of the analysis of two selected ones weresimilar, the presented article will describe one of them in detail. The posed researchproblem is best described with the following specific questions: What doesthe pope say on the selected fanpage? What does he do? Who is he? How does helook? In order to answer these questions, the methodology of content analysis wasused. The results of the analysis present an interesting image of pope Francis asseen by the users of social media. Also, information was obtained on the activitiesof Facebook users who are interested in pope Francis as presented in the givenfanpage.
ISSN: 1733-0297
Kollektion: CEEOL Central and Eastern European Online Library
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