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Benedykt XVI jako „teolog komunikacji cyfrowej” w świetle jego orędzi na Światowe Dni Środków Społecznego przekazu [Benedict XVI as “a theologian of the digital communication” in the light of his messages for the World Communications Day]

In: Biuletyn Edukacji Medialnej [Media Education Bulletin], (2016), 1, S. 143 - 155
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Sprache: Polnisch
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Details: This article aims to answer the following questions: Can we talk about the “theology of digital communication”? Do we need it? What are its tasks and research field? What theology of the digital world Benedict XVI offers us? In order to answer these questions, the author analyzes the messages of Benedict XVI for World Communications Day and his other statements and documents, especially the speech of 28 February 2011. The author also uses the studies and the results of their own and other scientists researches on the methodological conditions of the theology of mass media and communications.
ISSN: 1733-0297
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