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Spätosť profesora s katedrou žurnalistiky [Professor Zasepa’s Connection With The Department of Journalism]

In: Biuletyn Edukacji Medialnej [Media Education Bulletin], (2016), 1, S. 47 - 49
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Sprache: Slowakisch
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Details: The article briefly describes the contribution of Prof Tadeusz Zasępa in education of Catholic journalists in Slovakia. He was a founder and „base“ of the most succesful department/field of study at the Catholic University in Ružomberok, Slovakia, with accreditation rights ranging from bachelor´s degree to designation of professors. Tadeusz Zasępa was a driving engine not only of the research and publishing activites at the deparment, but also of the international relationships,mainly with media organizations in Poland, as well in Austria, Italy, Czech Republic,or USA.
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