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Wykorzystanie technologii audiowizualnych w przepowiadaniu słowa Bożego [The use of audiovisual technologies in the preaching of the word of God]

In: Biuletyn Edukacji Medialnej [Media Education Bulletin], (2017), 2, S. 42 - 58
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Details: One of the Church's mission is to proclaim the word of God to the whole world. For the Church, the media element is not new in proclaiming the Good News. Pope John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis began to reflect on the subject of media and communication in the context of the Church and the world by speaking about social communication and the media issuing numerous documents and messages. At the same time, they are popes who use the media in the Church's evangelizing activity. Pope Francis also communicates with the faithful through social media.The proclaimer of the word of God should value and care for the transmission of the Good News. Preachers of different Christian denominations use audiovisual technology in their sermons and homilies. The Homiletic Directory clearly says in No. 6 that the homily is: not a lecture, catechetical instruction, or exegesis. However, Pope Francis in the Evangelii Gaudium states that "homily cannot be a form of entertainment" (EG 38). Therefore, a preacher should not use audiovisual technology only because it is attractive, brings a revival, or can be a favorite form which listeners like. According to the recommendations of the Polish Episcopate Conference "in the homily, caution is needful in the use of activating tools, which may sometimes be modern technical forms (e.g. film, image, music), as well as props (e.g. special clothes, etc.) so that these means did not obscure the word, which should remain the main means of communication in the homily. In evaluation of the appropriateness of using such means during a homily, one should first of all consider the sanctity of the place of God's worship".
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