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Stacking the cards of ideology: the history of the "Sun Souvenir Royal Album"

In: Discourse & Society, 1(1990), 1, S. 17 - 37
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Sprache: Englisch
Umfang: 17-37
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Details: <p>This paper examines the ideological construction of popular narratives of history. It is suggested that contemporary ideology, because it contains contrary themes, can give rise to contrary histories, produced by the same source. The analysis concentrates upon the Sun, Britain's largest-selling newspaper and a key element in Rupert Murdoch's News International empire. The Sun Souvenir Royal Album is analysed in detail for its depiction of royal history as a narrative of individual, moral progress. This is compared to an older popular history which expresses an ideology of liberal political progress, as opposed to moral individualism. However, the Sun also articulates a different history, which is critical of monarchy, and this is articulated under different rhetorical and political conditions. In this way the narratives of history serve ideological and political functions.</p>
ISSN: 0957-9265
Kollektion: JSTOR Arts & Sciences XIV Archive
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