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Dating advertisements: discourses of the commodified self

In: Discourse & Society, 7(1996), 2, S. 187 - 207
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Umfang: 187-207
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Details: <p>Dating advertisements are the textual products of a discourse of commodification and marketization. They are certainly a prime site for witnessing the textual construction of self-and other-identities in the service of developing new relationships. Furthermore, close examination of a corpus of written and spoken dating advertisements reveals advertisers' resources for resisting full-blown self-commodification. Individuals can, to some extent, extricate themselves from the constraints of the media in which they operate. The analyses suggest that the moral case against 'pernicious commodification', as a recurrent contemporary discursive formation and as a threat to late-modern self-identities and relationships, is overstated.</p>
ISSN: 0957-9265
Kollektion: JSTOR Arts & Sciences XIV Archive
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