BIRGing, CORFing, and Twitter Activity Following a Political Referendum: Examining Social Media Acti...

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Authors and Corporations: Levy, David R
In: Communication research reports, 33, 2016, 3
Media Type: Article, E-Article

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ISSN: 0882-4096
published in: Communication research reports
Language: English
Collection: OLC SSG Medien- / Kommunikationswissenschaft
OLC SSG Informations-, Buch- und Bibliothekswesen
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A sizable body of research has examined BIRG, or Basking in Reflected Glory, as the psychological process of associating with the successes of others. A sample of 253,188 tweets related to the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum were collected leading up to and following the vote. Results support BIRG processes on the part of anti-independence tweeters, and Cutting Off Reflected Failure (CORF) responses by those favoring independence. Evidence does not support the notion that CORF was attenuated by high involvement.