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Prosthetics Making Sense Dancing the Technogenetic Body

In: In: Fibreculture journal, 9. (2006). [ISSN: 1449-1443], (2006)
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Details: "Explorations of new technologies and dance often focus on the difficulty of locating gesture-as-such. For the practitioners of dance and technology the exploration of movement is intrinsically related to how to locate where a movement begins and ends in order to map its coordinates within a sensitive system. Yet, the question 'What is a gesture? (and how can the computer recognize one?)' may direct the techno-dance process toward establishing a kind of grammar of movement that would — paradoxically — be more likely to tie the body to some pre-established understanding of how it actualizes. 'Mapping' gesture risks breaking movement into bits of assimilable data, of replicating the very conformity the computer software is seeking to get beyond. Instead of mapping gesture-as-such, this paper therefore begins somewhere else. It seeks to explore the technogenetic potential of the wholeness of movement, including its 'unmappable' virtuality." [Information des Anbieters]
Fussnoten: In: Fibreculture journal, 9. (2006). [ISSN: 1449-1443]
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