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The media content market in Japan and its recent changes

In: Keio communication review, volume 33 / 2011, pp. 5 - 24. [ISSN: 0388-7596], (2011)
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Details: "In this paper, we have discussed the current state of the Japanese media content market and the recent changes that have occurred in and around the market. [...] The ICT advancements fueling these changes have not leveled off, and the development of network speeds und ubiquitous availability is accelerating. Forecasts predict wireless Internet modatilities such as LTE and WiMax will be commonplace in five years. [...] To develop an understanding to where the media content market might be headed, we must first closely examine user behaviors and business models that have driven recent market changes. [...] Given that recent growth in the media content market has been flat and that no major developments are on the horizon, exports of Japanese content to overseas markets and measures to stop illegal copying of copyrighted works take on increased importance to stimulate Japan's media content market. [...] Under the banner of 'cool Japan', Japanese anime, games, and other content has made inroads in overseas markets and created substantial fan bases. But more must be done to broaden this trend. [...] The Japanese government must also consider promotional measures including financial support." [Information des Anbieters]
Fussnoten: Erschienen in: Keio communication review, volume 33 / 2011, pp. 5 - 24. [ISSN: 0388-7596]
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