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The use of older models in Japanese TV advertising practitioner perspective vs. consumer opinions

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In: Keio communication review, volume 33 / 2011, pp. 25 - 42. [ISSN: 0388-7596], (2011)
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Details: "Given the current demographic in the form of aging populations in many countries around the globe [...], it is an important question in the marketing context how and with which models older people are addressed adequately. [...] However, despite its obvious importance, previous research on the perceptions of advertising practitioners about the use of older models in advertising as well as empirical research on the consumer response to the portrayal of older people is scarce. [...] Those studies that do exist have mostly been conducted about 20-25 years ago [...] and there is no single study available from Japan, the most mature society and market in the world, revealing an outstanding gap in the literature. [...] This article presents results from a survey of advertising practitioners as well as consumers in Japan. The first study focuses on the opinions of advertising practitioners about the communication objectives [...] for older spokespersons (age 65 and older), their general views on older models in advertising and the effectiveness of older models by product category. The second study focuses on the consumers' views of the portrayal of older people in television advertisements and their planned actions based on these perceptions and opinions. Comparing the two perspectives will help to gain a better understanding of how older models should be used in advertising, both in terms of advertising efficiency and corporate social responsibility." [Information des Anbieters]
Fussnoten: Erschienen in: Keio communication review, volume 33 / 2011, pp. 25 - 42. [ISSN: 0388-7596]
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