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It's part of our lifestyle exploring young Malaysians' experiences with Japanese popular culture

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In: Keio communication review, volume 33 / 2011, pp. 199 - 223. [ISSN: 0388-7596], (2011)
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Details: "The development of information communication technology (ICT) has brought tremendous changes to our daily lives. With ICT development, the business of 'content' - via media entertainment products - has increased its circulation worldwide. [...] Japan also developed its own 'content business' in the 1980s. [...] In Malaysia, the media entertainment industry has relied heavily on imported products. Malaysian people consume a variety of popular cultural products including those from Japan. [...] The influx of Japanese popular culture can thus be seen growing in Malaysia. Despite these trends, empirical research on Japanese popular cultural consumption by Malaysians has yet to be undertaken, particularly among young people as the largest consumers of Japanese cultural products. Accordingly, this study set out to understand the consumption experiences of Japanese popular cultural products among Malaysian young adults, where popular cultural products were limited to those formats disseminated through the media." [Information des Anbieters]
Fussnoten: Erschienen in: Keio communication review, volume 33 / 2011, pp. 199 - 223. [ISSN: 0388-7596]
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