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Older celebrity versus non-celebrity television advertising a Japanese perspective

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In: Keio communication review, volume 32 / 2010, pp. 5 - 23. [ISSN: 0388-7596], (2010)
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Details: "Japanese commercials are famous for their high usage of celebrities. [...] Although some research has highlighted this phenomenon in general, as yet no study has focused specifically on older celebrities. This article will examine this phenomenon in greater detail. [...] More specifically, this article will show how many commercials employ older celebrities and what types of celebrieties they are. To ascertain if there are any visible differences in their portrayal, the following sections will compare and analyze the age segments of the older celebrities and non-celebrities featured in commercials. [...] In summary, this article tries to explain how the use of older celebrities and non-celebrities differs, in order to better understand celebrity's function in Japanese television commercials." [Information des Anbieters]
Fussnoten: Erschienen in: Keio communication review, volume 32 / 2010, pp. 5 - 23. [ISSN: 0388-7596]
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