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Discussion, Dialogue, Discourse| Dialogue in Public Relations Roles: A Q Study Among Young Professionals

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In: International Journal of Communication, Vol 10(2016)
veröffentlicht: USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism
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Details: This article addresses the need to analyze dialogue and its aspects in functionalist public relations (PR) role research. In addition to exploring PR roles with regard to the relevance of dialogue, it analyzes how dialogue may be linked to individual or organizational contexts. This study builds on the literature on dialogue in PR and role research. It presents a Q study that used a sample of 22 young PR professionals in Germany. This study identified four roles differing with regard to dialogic aspects. Findings suggest that dialogic practice may be linked to contextual variables, such as one’s personal life. This study contributes to the exploration of PR roles and illustrates a method that has great potential for PR research.
ISSN: 1932-8036
Kollektion: sid-87-col-intjcomm
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