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Środki społecznego przekazu jako narzędzie ewangelizacji w ujęciu bł. Jakuba Alberionego (1884-1971) [Evangelizing through the Means of Social Communication according to blessed James Alberione (1884-1971)]

In: Biuletyn Edukacji Medialnej [Media Education Bulletin], (2013), 2, S. 9 - 20
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Details: Since Father James Alberione (1884-1971) had assumed that the press, cinema, radio, and television could be the most successful ways to proclaim the Word of God, he created his own concept of evangelising through the media to accomplish that task. Alberione named his approach in evangelising: the apostolate through publishing. The analysis on Alberione’s writings and publications, confirms that he is an important figure in the field of theological evaluation regarding the means of social communication and media education. Even though Alberione was not an academic in the strict sense, but a pastoral minister (a Catholic priest), his approach and thoughts must not be treated as a mere collection of pointless and hectic opinions that have only a relative, narrow-ranging implications and connotations. On the contrary, the results of the research prove that Alberione’s proposal is comprehensive and pertinent as a full-size theological and pastoral concept that can be grasped as the “apostolate through publishing”.
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