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The Visible, Invisible and Divisible: Thoughts on the Acoustic and Literary Image

In: Belgrade Journal of Media and Communications, 1(2012), 1, S. 31 - 50
veröffentlicht: Fakultet za medije i komunikacije - Univerzitet Singidunum
Faculty of Media and Communications - Singidunum University
Medientyp: E-Article
Sprache: Englisch
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Details: Distinct from visual images, radio images and literary images figure otherwise the classical opposition between visibility and invisibility. They function as “counterimages” or “negative images” that, rather than confirm the sense of an object and isolate it (as visual images tend to do), open the field of vision to movement and to relation, to theatrical interaction and to reading.
ISSN: 2334-6132
Kollektion: CEEOL Central and Eastern European Online Library
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